Wednesday, August 7, 2013

You know you're a Mom when you say - think - Or think you said the following... All before noon!
We don't play in the toilet
Get that out of the tub
I love you!
Get off your brother
Stop touching your brother
Don't hit your brother
Don't sit on your brother
Please take that off your head
Please get off my bed
I love you!
Coffee - did I already have my coffee
Is it too early for more coffee
Is it too late for more coffee
Sit down
Put that down
Get down
Put that back
I love you!
Stop running
Stop pestering your brother
Stop licking that!
Stop whining
One- One child would have been easier ;)
I love you!
Please get up
Please sit up
Please stand up
Please hush up
Dirty- No touch
No punching
No throwing
No jumping on the couch
No chocking your brother
I love you!
Please listen
Please stop yelling
Please talk softer
Please turn that off
Please turn that down
Breakfast- did I eat breakfast
I love you!
Calm down
Quiet down
Don't eat that
Don't drink that
Put that back
I love you!

That's not a toy
That's not food
That's not a game
Nap... is it nap time yet?
Nope - we've only been up an hour :/
I love my boys & wouldn't have it any other way =)



  1. Oh, this made me laugh! I know I've said all these at one time or another:)

    1. I apologize for just reading your kind comment! I really need to get better about this lil ol blog:) thank you again fellow mom- we def aren't alone! :)