Monday, April 28, 2014

Inspiring One Another

This weekend I snatched up this book & devoured it! It didn't take me long to realize this wasn't just any old Interior Design or Decorating book- it's so much more! It's a book written for anyone desiring to create Home right where they're at! And to quote The Nester herself, "It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful." 

Once I cracked open the pages and read this statement I knew I'd read this one from cover to cover! Myquillyn Smith, known as The Nester to the fabulous blogging world just met me where I'm at... currently an apartment dweller designing gorgeous spaces in client's homes on a daily basis while I try to look past my own desires to create- or rather recreate this place we are living in-into our Home for the moment. Just like so many of you I've dreamed of my Dream Home for as long as I can remember & diving back into the design world full time this yr (after having sold our coffee shop bk in MD) I'm faced with the daily reminder of all the things I don't have- can't do at the moment- or can't afford right now. Poor pitiful me I know-lol. While we do have a roof over our heads and plenty to eat with kids that are healthy & jobs we enjoy I still find time to complain... But no longer! 
                   The Nesting Place

Several months back I began focussing on all the positives of apartment life during this season in our lives & then after reading The Nesting Place not only was I encouraged to continue doing just that but I became inspired to create our little space into more of the Home of my dreams for the moment. No we may not have our own backyard but we've got a large courtyard full of beautiful green grass for our boys to run and play ball -we've got a playground & two pools to choose from and a gym & community space... All of which I don't have to take care of! Which means more family time for us! My hubby doesn't have to mow the lawn- we don't need to dish out the dollars on pool or insect maintenance and if anything breaks in our space- as quick as a phone call and it's taken care of- at no additional cost to us! Those are the things I choose to focus on when I begin to sing the blues of not yet living in my 'true dream home' yet. And the words of our oldest son Andrew as he shared with grandparents this past New Year's Eve when asked what his favorite thing that happened last year was- he replied, "moving to FL because we have more family time". 
So if we must be in this space during this season- Renters now and no longer home owners- I'll take it & create a beautiful Home rt where we're at... Remembering "It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful". 

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