Wednesday, January 9, 2013

too smart to live like this?!?

Okay so HELLO 2013! I honestly can't believe we are already into the 2nd week of the New Year. I'm thankful for sure- i was among the many that was soo over 2012 in countless ways -lol. Lessons were learned no doubt - strength tested (as i often say "i don't really care to know just how strong i am") -sleep was deprived (which most know when you have a baby-unless your 1st is an Andrew;) -and Stress...boy oh boy was that felt! As so many of you- i was ready to ring in the New Year- still am. I found myself saying as the end of 2012 was approaching "Bring on 13' the odd numbers seem to work in my favor"-at least over the past 10yrs!

I landed a wonderful design job close to home w/ a boss who's a gem in 2003 -along w/ getting married & buying our 1st home - Had Andrew James in 2007 - Designed from the ground up & opened a Coffee Lounge in 2011 (w/ my sister) & had Lucas Paul 3 days later! Yep -those odd years rocked & we're still reaping the blessings! Now of course throughout those years & all the ones between our family made - saw & endured changes like the rest. We've grown and hopefully become a bit Smarter... Which brings me to today's post... the feeling of being "Too Smart to Live Like This".

You ever have those times where you say to yourself, "why did i do that... again"?!? i definitely have! Along w/ being a mom like so many of my wonderful gal pals - a wife & worker outside of the home- I've found myself caught up in what can be known as 'the vicious cycle of life'. You know -times when you find yourself feeding your family through the drive-thru -turning on another cartoon so your kiddos are occupied while you get a few more things done - putting everyone to bed way past what should've been an ideal bedtime - letting dishes pile up b/c after a long day you're just too tired to devote 10 minutes to the sink - swiping a credit card through a machine to grab something you know you can live w/out but desiring some kind of quick smile & satisfaction -not setting aside designated family time b/c your schedule already seems overwhelming - & again eating/drinking something that won't have you feeling so great abt your choices later on -Yep been there - done that & repeat it more times then I care to share -or to acknowledge. Which is why i think i've found myself thinking -Gosh I'm too smart to be living like this! After all -If I haven't experienced repercussions personally I've watched others or i've read a book, i know enough of the ol' cause & affect to know at times when i'm not making the best choice. And as plenty of authors in those books have said, it's not choosing right from wrong that's hard, it's choosing better vs best. 

So for this New Year i'm not trying to set some 'resolution' but I am trying to set myself and my family up for better future success. I'm going to choose to make the harder choices (even when others don't agree)-give up things that i thought i may not of been willing to (even if it makes me cry) -choose Health over convenience (knowing that it doesn't solve or prevent everything but it does make me feel better physically & mentally) -choose to sacrifice 'stuff' (be it work or play) & put my family first -and Love people (even those who can be so unlovable b/c hey we all can be that way from time to time). 

Life sure is short - years sure do fly by - so to get a bit sappier & a bit more cliche then I already have- I will choose to Smile more - Love & Seek out God more -hug my husband & kids more (even my sister;) & let opinions & others bother me less b/c afterall if you're allowing God to lead you in your decisions those others will be bound to see the greater Good it's bringing to your life & to those around you. 

and as my favorite verses confirm... "I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope & a future. Then you will call upon me & come and pray to me, & I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me w/ all your heart." Jeremiah 29:11-13

God loves us -each & everyone! He is our Help in time of need! So whatever it may be that you or I are looking for in this coming New Year I hope that you remember God has the answers - only He knows what lies ahead - so why not get to know the one who knows...!?! I know when i look back over my life - and my husband would agree - when we truly do "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God" all the other 'stuff' comes together - maybe not as we would have hoped initially -but when we stop and look around at all the little pcs that make up our lives personally -we see His hand covering & working "All things out for our good". it's just our job not to leave Him out.

okay so let me get started... living a bit smarter! =) 
& i'm hoping to blog a bit more about it - call it my accountability space ;p

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