Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanks Worth Giving!

Alas another Thanksgiving has arrived! Time to gather w/ family - friends - those we love -& Feast upon a lot of yummy food - drink & dessert!

Of course I have soo much to be Thankful for this year - too much to post on a Facebook status - too many deserving of sentiments - and too much procrastination in Posting a Thankful thought each day of the month that I decided today was all too appropriate & all too necessary =)

God has Blessed & Enriched my life in so many way this year- & I must admit at times I would have preferred not to be so 'enriched' -lol. However as we know - it's during those stretching of our strength - mental -physical & emotional times-that we come out stronger -more aware (hopefully) of what to do and Not do in the future & more aware of those around us who He's brought into our lives for 'such a time as this' to see us through! & for those people - today- and hopefully a pc of Every day- I Give Thanks!

My husband - of course like many of you ladies out there - I couldn't imagine my life without him! For 17 years now he's Blessed me in many ways & been a pc of my sanity! Through his humor- his goofiness (things that years ago would've made me embarrassed=p) have served as gentle reminders not to take this life too seriously! His love for our Lord - his prayers & positive attitude - they have and continue to see us through so much & I can't Thank God enough for allowing him to have 'faith the size of a mustard seed' all those years ago ;) Love You Joe! & Thank You for giving me the greatest gifts of all - our boys!

To Andrew & Lucas - Mommy Thanks God - not nearly enough b/c there's not enough hours in the day- for you both! Drew 'pc of my heart' - your compassion & love & deep thinking inspire me to be a bit better each day (or at least to try!) - your stubbornness & determination may drive me crazy but they remind me a bit of myself & how can I fault that -b/c I know God's placed that determination in you to carry out His Great Plans He has for You (Jer 29:11) To my sweet ball of energy & 'sunshine' Lucas - Mommy loves you bunches - I love your fearlessness -even though it has me on edge at times -it also has in me in prayer more=p which can never be a bad thing-lol. Your smile and laughter of course are contagious & God sent you into our lives at a Perfect time! Only the Lord knew that w/ the craziness of opening a business only 3 days earlier that You would help keep this momma grounded upon the Most important role I have - that of being a Mother (& a wife) first - and business owner last- Not the other way around! Your energy reminds me of the importance of taking care of myself so I can try and keep up w/ 2 growing boys- and even though I've failed numerous times this year - my prayer is to always try a bit more each day to be the Best Mom I can to you both - for you deserve Nothing less! <3

To my sister - business partner - the one who drives me most crazy -lol - but also who pushes me to not settle into my own groove & nature as much as I may desire- but to grow & to love w/ more compassion our differences that help balance us. Thank you for taking the plunge w/ me in opening up our 66Beans Coffee Lounge - or rather- God's Coffee Lounge. For w/out you by my side that little spot in Charlotte Hall would not be - and the Blessings that have been 'poured' out and upon us have and continue to be countless! We'll never know until we reach the other side the chain reaction of great things that have come & will continue to spread beyond our door- Thank You Ashlee! You are more than my little sister - more than a friend & I am Blessed to be apart of your life! *my prayer is that you begin to know just how great & wise you are* (w/out your head exploding that is -lol).

To my parents- Thank you Both for the firm foundation that you both instilled in us growing up. My life -I wouldn't want to even know how it'd be w/out either of you! Your love for us is always obvious & your belief in what God can do through us is a reflection upon the risks you've taken w/ us throughout our lives. & your sacrifices  - the countless sacrifices - Thank you will never be enough! I love you!

To my in-laws- not out-laws- I Thank God for each of you (4). Your love for us is in such a way as my own parents love - in that it's endless & sacrificial. I am Blessed to have you each in my life & Thank God for the gift of knowing I have family on Both sides who love me! Joe & I again could never say thank you enough!

To my 66 Beaners- our staff - those who are and who have been w/ us Behind the Counter of 66 Beans - I prayed for you - & I thank God that He heard my prayer almost 2 years ago now - that He'd Bless us w/ Great Staff who knew and felt our call beyond just opening another coffee shop! Each of you has enriched my life in more ways than you will ever know - you've caused me to smile - and thankfully never cry (lol) - to laugh & to grow a bit more each day I work with you. You help keep me sane - show me grace on those days when i'm a bit more emotional & lacking in sleep -lol. You've been trustworthy and honest (which is hard to find these days) & Each of you has been and continues to be a Blessing to all those who walk thru our door. For that and SO MUCH more I say Thanks!!

To our 66 Customers - many who are now like family- oh my how you've helped remind me that our place is more than 'just another coffee shop around the corner'! You remind me daily that we All have a story - we all have something to give to one another- and I can only hope that I can continue to give back to you more than just yummy food and drink - but to show you a pc of God's love & grace & compassion each day you stop by our place. Those of you who I refer to as our Characters - I love ya! You have made me laugh and smile and take in a refreshing that at times only God knew I needed! My life is forever changed by each of you & the sense of Community that I now have in an area i said i'd never live- is a Blessing! & of course -without you- wouldn't couldn't exist! =)

& To my girlfriends- we will never be able to visit as much as I like -never chat as much as I'd prefer - but my Thanks go out to you all and to God for Blessing me w/ such a wonderful inspiring loving group of women! There's too many to name and for that alone I Thank God for! You ladies Rock! You are strong - compassionate - loyal -trustworthy -fun - gorgeous inside and out & have helped me in more ways then you'll ever know! I LOVE YOU ladies - and thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a friend of mine!

And to everyone else taking the time to read this long giving of Thanks - you too must be someone important to me in some way -past or present! You have apparently touched my life & to you I say Thank You & Happy Thanksgiving!! May God continue to Bless each of you today and always & may you feel His love through the Good times and bad!

Now - turkey time! Eat- Drink & Be Merry My Friends!

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