Wednesday, February 2, 2011

getting started.... again!

so i've blogged before... and i've decided to blog again =)  why?  because i LOVE reading the blogs of many friends and even strangers (who other's have led me to read b/c of something inspirational) and i have been so blessed... so i am hoping to be the same to others by sharing bits and pieces of the Seasons in my life.  actually i should more accurately say 'our life' since i'm definitely not alone on this journey!  i am truly blessed to have a husband who loves me (who loves the Lord even more) and a son we are both just crazy about!  as many of you parents know, children are definitely a blessing and bring not only love and joy into your life, but humor and humbleness as well =)  i am honored to be a part of the growing circle of moms!  

so for my opening blog i guess i really wanted to share a Thank You... to ALL of you who have blessed my life by sharing yours with others through writings and posts of your own (inspiring me to get back to blogging).  may you continue to be so candid and inspire hope and inspiration and bring a little humor to the lives of others as well.  after all we are 'over-come by our testimony' and life can definitely be like 'a box of chocolates' at times you really 'never know what you're gonna get'. so lets walk it out together... and try to enjoy the journey one Season at a time!

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  1. Just now finding your blog but... yay!!! :)