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from the Holy Bible to Dr Seuss... a few requested recommendations!

books fill our home! if you find a flat surface you will probably find at least one book residing there. we love to read in this house, especially me!

joe is an avid 3-5 newspapers a day kinda guy but this past year while taking ministry courses he was assigned to read 1-2 books a month for class (most of them were actually quite interesting, not your average textbk kinda book) so thus began a slight passion in his reading expansion =)
while pregnant with Andrew i deliberately prayed that he would love to read too! boy does he. i know most toddlers enjoy a good book read to them but my boy definitely has fully embraced the desire to read and as his praying momma, that makes me very happy!

one of drew's spaces for his growing book collection

see i think reading is SO IMPORTANT. i know for busy moms - parents in general - it's hard to find time to sit and read a good book, however even if it's just a line or two here and there (especially vs.'s from God's Holy book) you usually learn something and grow wiser (unless it's a mushy romance novel, then it's just a nice escape for some from reality for a bit that some so well deserve!)

a cpl of the numerous scattered book shelves around our place

and since many know i am a crazy reader (usually have 3-5 books going at one time) i've had suggestion requests from time to time on something i may recommend. so from me to you here is a condensed (very much so for me) list of some of my favs. and as you will Read, i'm a Huge lover of inspirational books (from the spiritual to the business type- yes i even own a book by Donald Trump =) 
i hope you enjoy scanning my list... and at the very least feel free to add to it... i'm always interested in recommendations from others!

*some books i will describe a bit and others i'll just list*

The Noticer by Andy Andrews (a GREAT author we heard speak at an event last yr) a book inspired from his own life experience of meeting a man named Jones while living under a dock on the beach who changed his life and the lives of many around town!

ANY book written by Mark Batterson (pastor of National Community Church in DC which now meets in a coffee house called Ebenezer's) - i can't say enough good things!

& speaking of authors,  i will forever love and learn from Joyce Meyer. you will be blessed and inspired by ANY of her books

The Shack by W. M. Paul Young - WOW is all I can say.  it will make you think about God in a lot of new ways. it's about a father saddened by the abduction of his daughter who is lured back to the ol' shack where her little bloody dress was found. a request from God to meet him there... and boy did he ever. the author is remarkable and if you are ever able to hear his testimony you will be blessed and probably shed a tear or two (i did)! I'm actually reading the book now for the second time, totally refreshed by God's amazing love for us!

Sundays at Tiffanys by James Patterson - a great fun girly read that will keep you turning the page!

The Trump Card by Ivanka Trump - i don't know if you're a fan of the show the Apprentice or not but her book is great! i think you'll be sure to find yourself respecting the way her wealthy and famous parents instilled great morals in her to become the spit fire respected woman she is today - around the world!

Crazy Love by Francis Chan - another INSPIRATIONAL book that is sure to make you think about the way we live and love (or don't love) our amazing God! he will challenge you to think about not only God but yourself and the way you live and think in a new way! we pulled from this book in our young adults gp and one of the young guys went out and bought it that same week- the following week he had already read thru it twice! there's a passion for reading that i love to hear about!

Wide Awake by Malcamus
Radical by Platt
Fearless by Max Lucado - another author you CAN NOT go wrong with! 

books by Nicholas Sparks - i def have not read them all but i have enjoyed some (most of those which became movies) they're usually sappy and require a tissue or two but if you're in the mood for that kind of read you should enjoy!

150 Healthiest Foods by Jonny Bowdin - if you know the me of today (in college and prior i was not this way and never did picture myself becoming interested in health stuff) but today i love - i soak up most books about foods and the way they can affect and benefit us today. it just totally amazes me how certain foods help our bodies in certain ways, from our crazy hormones to the common cold prevention to disease prevention - all of it astounds me and makes me even more in awe of my Creator!

Empowering Your Health by Dr. Asa Andrew (see above)

Chicken Soup for the Mother's Soul - NOT about food (lol) but def. a fun read from time to time, helping us busy moms realize we are not going crazy... we're normal! =)

Do Hard Things by the Harris Brothers - if you have children or plan to one day -or even if you just want to be inspired by a younger generation this book is a Must Read! it's one that i will def. MAKE (that's right i said Make) my son read. written by twin teenage brothers it's a call to action from and for the younger generation. as parents it makes you realize if you only set the low simple expectations (like clean your room or take out the trash & do your homework) that's usually the only ones your children will make! but when you encourage them to strive for the out-of-the-ordinary they realize their true potential and grow into wise young adults who have a greater confidence in God and in themselves!

Decorating Junk Market Style - okay so I'm a designer - i MUST have a shelf or two dedicated to design books that inspire me! this one i think is fun for anyone - full of lots of pictures of ideas on how to turn some 'junk' into a great treasure or an awesome storage pc. - anything really!

a few of those books that inspire the designer in me

The House that Cleans Itself by Mindy Clark - Yes i definitely need inspiration in that area! if you know me and know me well i don't live in a home that reflects orderly on any given day of the week! i must take and make time to get organized (or throw things in a closet) before guests will arrive! this book does offer some great advice... it's just the sticking with it that some of find more challenging then others! 

Secrets to Getting More Done in Less Time by Otto - pretty much see above - however the one huge thing that i got from this book and will now forever keep up with is keeping a Master Planner/Journal of sorts. She offers advice on having one big book with a calendar and divider pages - sectioning off things like a daily journal and even a place to briefly write down what your child did that day. i love my fat exploding black leather binder and would be heartbroken to lose it!

Wild At Heart by John Eldridge - if you have boys this is a fun and Inspiring Must Read!

Extraordinary by John Bevere - another great inspirational writer

Cure for the Common Life by Max Lucado - none of us were created to live out a cookie cutter life! we were and are called for something greater - it's in us! God placed gifts and talents in each of us - unique and individual.  we just need to tap into those things and live out our potential - we'll not only Bless God but we'll find ourselves enjoying life on a whole new level!

Jesus Life Coach by Laurie Beth Jones - full of short stories - again another of the many great inspirational books that i love to own and pull out from time to time! this book is def. one meant for your library.

Your Money Map by Dayton - most of us could use some help from time to time in the area of finances and i must admit by getting married young - joe and i could have benefited from some great financial advice early on! another one of the several financial books i'll be sure our children read and learn when growing up!

and MOST importantly (the best for last)
THE BIBLE!! -written Word of God. i can not begin to say enough of how this great Book has and will forever continually change my life! it's amazing how on most days when i take a breather or start my day out with a few minutes devoted to God - how He will lead me to an exact chapter and vs. meant for me - for that time in my life - and even amazingly how i find that later on in the day when i grab a random book to read - it too will have to do with the vs the Lord lead me to - meeting me again right where I am at.  I will NEVER be able to do justice on saying enough great things about being sure this if not one of the many is the Only book you need to survive in this life. and in our home we have several versions. it's hard at times to read King James - so having the NIV or amplified version handy and the Message version (written more in modern language) can give you a complete idea of what God was and Is saying! i pray you find yourself picking this book up more than any - i know it will Bless You Beyond your Wildest Expectations! 

*so there's a brief list of what's on our shelves... or tables around our place.  i would love to hear of some of your favorites*

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