Sunday, March 20, 2011

pregnancy reminders... they are a must for me!

it's true i really do need to remind myself that i'm pregnant again! yes i have the growing belly (even more-so round 2) but b/c of my continual digestive issues the past couple years i now need to remind myself daily that there's a precious growing little life in there and no it's not just what i ate -lol! 

this is me very much prego with andrew

sad to say i haven't even deliberately taken any pregnancy pictures this go-around. it's not too late i know - again just need a daily reminder! i think as most moms of multiples have said - the second time (or third, fourth and even fifth-God Bless You all) being pregnant the time flies more quickly *check* - you're exhausted more often *double check* and some like me even have to be reminded daily that yes there's a baby in there *triple check*!

i think because of other life happenings going on around me my focus - or lack there of - on the "oh my gosh we'll soon be a family of four" is heightened! with trying to open a coffee house (see update on back to designing part-time -newly beginning a young adults gp at our new home church - and the lack of space since we moved into an apartment (which for a designer the thought of having no bedroom to decorate *esp if we see shades of pink* can def. be crippling to the excitement factor) all come into play as HUGE distractions from the blessed addition coming Summer of 2011!!

andrew's room was def. my favorite in our old house... yes i still miss it! & yes the ceiling was green (spite the looks family members gave me on the idea =)

and i think because of all of the said items above i've also been distracted (in a good way this time) from the fact that a c-section is looking like the inevitable way baby 2 will be exiting =/ for those who knew of my delivery experience with drew you may recall my utter shock and sadness at having to endure that route of exiting the womb! with all the swimming and walking and having what i've considered to be 'wide hips' i was for certain andrew was going to practically drop out -lol. i could NOT have been more wrong! after 22 hours of labor -no epidural b/c of the ol' back (a better work in progress now Thank U God) -walking around the hospital -workin' it on the ol' huge labor ball - at 8 1/2 cm for over 4 1/2 hours - it seemed he needed to come with more dr. assistance. never did i picture that plan or fear it more! after all this is the girl who was walking around the parking after over 8 hours of being in labor, contractions less than a minute apart - determined NOT to enter the hospital earlier then necessary! when that news hit me i broke! having to be put to sleep (again b/c of my back) and not waking until 3 hours later, having missed the 'awe look at them wash him off - weigh him & swaddle him up', groggy and not an expectant cheerful 'hand me my baby' new mom - this was a time i wanted to shout RE-DO!!! seriously i give all you c-section happy moms PROPS big time because i will admit this girl- she was a BIG baby to the whole 'cut me open take out my baby it'll be fine' mentality! no no not me - i was the one who still hadn't looked at my scar a month later! that's right- i avoided it- thankfully my sweet husband handled the nec. cleaning of the area kinda stuff! can you grasp yet that surgery is not something i take lightly! lol

so i guess the distractions this go-around come as a pleasant thing when it comes to remembering all that! and even during times like now when i scrunch up my face at the thought i just think of the outcome of course and say like all us crazy moms do - it's all worth it in the end anyhow. "pain with a purpose" as a sweet nurse kept reminding me! and when i look back at the pic below - i'm still shocked at how the time flies and how soon we'll be embracing a baby again! andrew is now so self-sufficient it boggles my mind that it was only 3 1/2 yrs ago that he too needed us to do EVERYTHING for him. my how only 3 1/2 yrs changes things so much!

what a slippery wet little butterball he was!

so next week when we get to take another peek at this growing life in my belly, we'll be utterly amazed again that God has blessed us with another precious life to add to our family! and whether it be a GIRL or boy (lol-drew says girl b/c he prayed =) we'll be excited & surprised! because no... it's not just something i ate! 


  1. Holy Moly you guys are busy! Congrats on the pregnancy, the second time around does fly by! I am so glad you stopped by my blog and liked my post~! You look beautiful pregnant, I cant wait to see pics from this time around! Good Luck at the next ultrasound...I will say I do miss pregnancy and all the excitement of hearing the heartbeat and seeing the baby on the screen! So amazing, and even more amazing to watch your child grow...even though they grow so darn fast!! lol I look forward to following you!!

  2. Awe thanks so much! I too look forward to keeping up w/ you & your beautiful family! Thanks for chkg out my blog =)

  3. I cannot wait to be pregnant again! It is my all time favorite experience in life. I pray over your next birth that it is beautiful and what you want it to be. It's funny the things that can be taken for a vaginal delivery. Looking forward to seeing more pictures!

  4. I can not wait to have another baby! I LOVED LOVED LOVED being pregnant! You are just a glowing pregnant momma!

  5. Congrats on pregnancy # 2! Our first is also an Andrew-how awesome! Glad you found me! Keep up the good work couponing (it's totally worth the time!)!

  6. Thanks ladies for the sweet comments! love this new blogging world of wonderful women I'm stumbling upon! Keep up the great work on inspiring and encouraging others by living life -honestly and openly =)

  7. you weren't kidding! we had such similar labor experiences, reading this brought back old feelings that I guess I had blocked over time. I just wish I could have been awake for the first few minutes of Henry's life. SAD! i love this post and i'm having fun reading your others so far. thanks for the sweet comment you left me, i'm sorry it's taken me so long to reply!

  8. no problem - i def. know how busy things get, hence my long take in responding, lol. thanks for the sweet comment and for dropping by an checking out my blog =)