Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Baby Boy#2 Coming Summer 2011!!!

We found out the fabulous & yes -much to our surprise- news yesterday morning... baby #2 is a BOY! *see the cute-yet usually a bit awkward baby 'under construction' image below* =) Before i dive into the details of our surprise let me first make note of Why i AM one of the few women who seem to enjoy having Summer babies!
yes its the awkward self mirror shot- maybe my 3yr old could have done better?
*pic taken at 19wks=1/2 way done*

1. You can hide the awkward "is she pregnant or just bloated" baby bump with the bulkier winter clothes or a nice long shabby scarf... at least sometimes,lol. believe me i've had 'those looks' -funny story this past wkend a young waitress glanced down at my belly and smiled and began to say "aww..." then stopped short, thinking uh-oh maybe i'm wrong- i knew the look so i quickly confirmed her thought with 'yes we're expecting in August =)

2. When you do find yourself too big to comfortably bend over it's okay because it's Flip-Flop season! YeY, no need to try and cram your feet into big boots and brave the slippery sidewalks in fear of falling over b/c your balance is off!

3. Lighter clothing! fun summertime clothes are easier and lighter on the tummy to throw on =) bathing suits... well... lets just say girls there's no reason to 'suck it in' anymore, lol. grant it i'm not a comfortable 2pc wearin' mamma, but they do have cute tank-top 2 pcs, just remember to hold that top down when first getting into the pool, lol.

4. speaking of pool... Swimming! no better time to feel more like yourself and not so -top heavy- then enjoying some water time! its a nice reminder that 'no i'm usually not this large' =) and a pleasant and relaxing way to exercise and cool off in the heat.

5. some complain it's too hot to be prego in the summer... as for me i seriously am fine with it! i much prefer to be hot than freezing cold with stiff muscles and large & in charge! plus that's why we have air conditioning options!

6. sunshine makes me happy!!! i am NOT a fan of being cold (can you tell by now) so the more i can be out soaking up the sun the less depressed i feel! and the bigger i get the less depressed i NEED to be, lol. so being able to slip on the oh so convenient shoes without bending over to walk outside and soak up the rays brings a bit more joy to me! and as all us moms know - joy during the larger months is just as important!

7. summer birthday party planning is just fun! i know birthdays at any time can be a blast, but i have enjoyed planning andrew's summertime parties and i look forward to doing the same with this lil guy. the options just seem more endless.

8. speaking of parties... summer time is a great picnic time! a time when there aren't too many holidays to over-shadow the fun Birth-day of your little one (or yourself if you're like me and a summertime baby too). so that's a nice way to break up the year, esp from the Christmas extraviganza! 

I'm sure I have a ton more but those are just among my top few =) I hope for those prego during the summer like me they serve you with little reminders of the joys of a summertime pregnancy!
the cute but awkward 'under construction' pic =)

Now on to our Surprise yesterday! it's amazing how you can really 'set your mind' without nec. even realizing you've set it soo much! thus is the reason i am a thankful lady for the technology we have today in knowing what sex our precious little one is before arrival =) even though you never truly are 'prepared' it does help to think that knowing the gender provides you with a bit more of the 'feeling' of being prepared =) and as for some who save the surprise -i think that's fabulous- but for us yesterday was just as big of a surprise... and reminder that you just never know until you know!

one reason this little one i think shocked me was because while pregnant with andrew i was one of the VERY few who thought we were going to have a boy, all else kept saying girl. so when the tech confirmed my 'intuitions' i smiled and kinda laughed at joe sitting in shock watching the screen =) yesterday however... we both sat Shocked - even Drew who responded with 'i thought i was having a sister', lol, uh oh! and in no way are we disappointed.. again just surprised. and as my mom said to me yesterday 'didn't you always say you wanted boys' i was reminded that Yes i did! i think this time around i just thought that since my husband has always always wanted a little girl (to spoil & protect) and my son a baby sister, i began to want that for them. however, again we are both excited (drew is slowly adjusting -hence his determination to now name his lil bro "john wayne"). & in all honesty joe and i have had the desire to adopt one day for many years now - so if God Blesses us in the future with an adopted angel maybe she'll be the girl our family was missing. then she would be spoiled for sure (being the ONLY girl for a few grandparents as well =) 

so... now it's time to pray and discuss a name to give this precious little boy. a time to pull out the tiny baby clothes we did save (having passed on many to others) and to rest assure that he'll be loved and adored just as much as andrew - not in comparison, but in a fresh new way - knowing this unique little individual was planned by God and has a purpose beyond even our wildest (and best) dreams for him. and Yes... knowing ahead of time brings a bit more peace to this momma =) i enjoyed pulling out some of my 'raising boys' books last night, laughing over the thoughts of things to come and thanking God for His Great plans for our family. and for now i must admit... being the only girl surrounded by men, big and little, is just fine by me =)


  1. such a cute post! i loved your reasons for having a summer baby. i am not yet married, so i cant imagine how the feeling is being huge with the heat in Miami, but your answers seem to ring with me.

    blessings to you as you keep growing?


  2. Thanks so much ladies! as many know... it's an adventure =)

  3. how exciting! just wanted to stop by and let you know I love your blog ;)

  4. thanks for the comment and for checking out my blog =)