Friday, May 20, 2011

catching up...

the time has finally come...


with the year ticking by i must admit our coffee house dream was starting slowing to become just that "a dream". however as you can see... God has blessed us with our dream becoming a Reality! now the Real Hard Work begins! we are loving it... even thru the dog days of construction, praying subs show up on time, estimates stay true to their first quote, and we become more equipped each day to fulfill this vision Our Best way possible! it's definitely easy to get overwhelmed if we allow ourselves to be... but really when we focus on the Whole Idea, the Purpose of why this all began, we then realize that with God everything will continue to fall into place (& in His timing, not our own). so with a goal 'soft opening' in mind we press on to the mark and SOOO look forward to serving up a cup (of yummy fabulous organic coffee drinks) to our locals and beyond!

looking forward to posting After pics

i'm even more looking forward to filling this space with new flooring, equipment, appliances, paint, furniture, artwork, and PEOPLE! can't wait until our first lil' open mic nite debut! yes... Good Times are ahead!!! and for all the know who you are (lol)... we do realize this spot will become a second home to us and you know what, i'm loving that idea too! confirmation came last weekend when we visited with our roaster and Great coffee supplier in PA called Square One (check them out when your in Lancaster). we went to train again and spend time with them soaking up the environment and the behind-the-scenes business and as before... loved every minute! with minimal (i'm talking 3 hours sleep If that thanks the crazy loud people in the hotel room across the hall) we found ourselves able to hang in all day and enjoy every minute (no matter how heavy our eyelids became). thats how i know my 'dream' is also my purpose and passion. when you know that no matter how much your body is ready to give up you're still loving what you're doing/experiencing. i hope each of you too is able to enjoy your work - spite the inevitable hard days, the lowest of the low days, you still feel that passion and love for your work and for how it's benefitting those around you! now for balancing work and family....

my little guy becomes my side-kick co-contractor! lol

andrew and i have probably hit every library in the calvert - st mary's area. he happily (most days) goes along for the ride, knowing that after or during the gaps between meetings, coffee house stops, and plenty of computer time & phone calls, we'll take a break somewhere fun for him. so that's how it works for us... for now. you just do your best with what time you have and try and make the most of it Each day! one things for sure... my little guy will Always know he's loved and important, even when we're making him clean dishes @ 66Beans! lol.

okay... back to work. hope you enjoyed the condensed wordy version of a little catch up on our space! stay tuned for further updates =)

oh and i must say again... THANK you for all of the prayers, love, encouragement and support throughout this process... it's kept us going even during the 'dry' times! =)

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