Monday, January 2, 2012

What Year 2011 was....

My oh my it's been too long since i caught up w/ my ol' blog -you know -the one i promised to keep up-to-date! =0

2011 was a year of Growth for our family in more ways than one.

As many know we were walking thru the process of opening our coffee lounge Sixty-Six Beans in Southern MD early last year on thru the summertime ....I am happy to now say we've been up and running since August 15th! What a blessing & a stress (ol' blood sweat & tears) all wrapped in one -lol. It's one of those blessings in life where you are glad that God didn't reveal the Big picture from the beginning to overwhelm you enough to say -'open-manage & run a coffee shop-Nah- I don't think so'. lol My sister Ashlee & I are definitely glad we did though & have been blessed so greatly by 66Beans- our employees & the community. If you ask me my favorite part of owning such a business I wouldn't hesitate to say it's meeting everyone who walks thru our door! Our customers are a blessing -not just financially of course =) but by opening up their lives to us little by little (or should I say cup by cup=). It brings a smile to our face to say we have what this industry refers to as 'regulars' -the ones who frequent our shop several times a week (if not each day)- for they are the ones who are becoming apart of our 66Beans family and who are spreading great word for us (as we found out quickly-Marketing is almost Everything).  For more info on our hot-spot please visit our site (b/c honestly I could talk for a quite a while)

In other areas of Growth- 2011 brought us a new addition- our 2nd son Lucas Paul Clark -born just 3 days after opening 66Beans on Thursday August 18th. Talk about timing right, lol. (i'll have to write a little 'birth story' soon) As they say though- God's never early or late- He's right on time! We often question that saying don't we? By no means would I have arranged it that way but looking back -and in more years to come- I think we'll realize even more-so how we Grew thru that time (my sister and I- her being left to really manage a new business & me being left to begin the juggle as a mom of 2 and doing business work via the computer (not my specialty-more Ashlee's area of expertise). So you could say I/We were being stretched- but none-the-less we made it thru =) & Lucas is, as I call him, my Sunshine! He's a sweet little boy who's smile lights up his whole face -and the faces looking back at him. He's a pudgy little butterball (Not when he 1st arrived to my surprise- I was told he'd be an 8-lber- but he arrived at 6lbs, 7oz) -but now I am happy to report my baby boy is a chunky happy lil monkey who's looking more like his big brother Andrew all the time =)  Now... if only he'd sleep thru the night....!

& Speaking of Drew- he turned the big 4 this year and boy oh boy is he 'coming into his own'-lol. I love him to pieces (up to the sky & back is what I often tell him- only to have him tell me recently-'well mom I love you up to Jesus and back, so i beat you!lol) He keeps me on my toes for sure and is definitely one PROUD and Happy big brother! I often say he loves lucas a bit too much - but how could he really?! He started daycare in july just a couple days a week and does enjoy it. After a bit of a struggle getting him to go after having Lucas (b/c he realized lucas was going to Gran's without him) he's getting better each day. And of course I know the routine (having worked in a daycare for a number of years -years & years ago=) it def did break my heart those several mornings when he definitely did NOT want to stay. And my little imaginative story teller would often come up with hysterical reasons as to why he couldn't go- like "mom-I have to work today or my boss will fire me" -me "drew where do you work" Drew- "virginia"! lol. Kids a trip i tell ya! =)

& I must not forget how 2011 grew us Spiritually. We've been greatly blessed to be apart of a wonderful new church family -ECC -Encounter Christian Center- right near (thru the parking lot actually) of 66Beans. Joe and I have been encouraged - uplifted & blessed by the Ministers & again- all who enter the door. I never realized I could feel 'at home' so quickly in a church w/ over 300 people. And talk about amazing multi-cultural environment in Southern MD- something my hearts desired in a church but honestly other than a desire the Lord was aware of - I never thought much more of it b/c I know the 'facts' that Sundays are a time when most attend churches w/ others 'just alike'. So it's a wonderful refreshing - one in which has me often looking around during worship/service thinking -"Wow this is what heaven will look like one day"! God is good!

Okay - must wrap it up for now -hope that little briefing caught you up a bit - and I hope that this is just a start to keeping things more up-to-date!

I pray God showers His Blessings Upon us All this new Year! 
Happy 2012!

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