Thursday, April 21, 2011

blessed & thankful!!!

i had to take a sec and blog about how Blessed & Thankful i am! & i hope so many of you (ALL of you) feel the same - in your own personal way because yoU deserve nothing less!
some our Immersed gp @ECC (college&career)

the group of crazy Fabulous faces you see above are some of those in our weekly Immersed gp at our church. my husband & i have been Blessed to be called to lead such a wonderful group of young adults and they inspired me tonight - as many of them wouldn't know- to write this quick blog on Blessings and Thankfulness! you see so often we get so caught up in the typical run-around that we call our day. whether it be leaving home early to head off to work- or waking before dawn to pack lunches for our kids in school while cooking breakfast for our husbands and preparing our day w/ our toddler and list full of errands- it gets endless i know! my point- during all of that- the chaos that is our day- sometimes we forget- or don't make the time- to stop and just breathe and remember how Blessed we are & to say Thank You to God for all that He's given to us- and all that's to come! the beautiful faces above- they reminded me tonight to be Thankful! amongst running around filling my day & checking off my 'to-do's' i honestly felt like crashing on the couch tonight - not packing up my little man again (after having just gotten home) to head out the door- but i was so Glad that i did! not only do i Thank God for calling us to reach out to Young Adults in our area- He thanks us for our responding to that call by Blessing us Immensely with a Fabulous Inspiring gp who challenge us - make us laugh - encourage us- Bless us & Inspire us more than they'll ever truly know! 
some other Thankful Blessings of mine...
and this little face- oh how this momma LOVES that little guy!
kitchen design- must admit i LOVE those After Shots!
our Coffee Lounge- COMING SOON! YEY!!

for me personally- it's easy to get caught up in the 'oh my gosh i have so much going on how can i tackle it all' but you see- that's when i overwhelm myself with my laundry list of 'stuff' not focusing on the fact that all that 'stuff' has been used by God to Bless me in Incredible ways! being a mom- of course a blessing- toughest job on earth as many of you know-but the rewards and blessings are Endless! designing professionally for the past 8 years- total blessing! sure it could be stressful at times depending upon the client, but still- I'm totally Thankful that God Blessed me with a fabulous outlet to use my creative ability in the work force and even more blessed to work for a Boss & alongside others who taught me so much- and who have really been a JOY to work with! and 66beans... the calling to open a coffee lounge in our area has been something my sister & i have desired to see come to fruition for quite a while -and it looks like nows that time! when my plate seems stacked already- baby2 on the way as well- it's hard to imagine at times opening a business- HOWEVER when you're working at something God's calling you to do- He makes a way- He has things under control- and my Rest is found in Him after a long day full of checked off 'to-do's'! and honestly i'm So glad to know i Don't have to have it 'all figured out' -i just need to know the One who does & be Thankful for that!

i can only hope that so many of you (like ALL) are able to say the same- you're doing what you're 'called' to do- what you've been Designed to do- what you're talented and gifted in doing! because it's then- even when you feel you've had all you can take during one particular day- that you can sit down at the end of the night and feel fulfilled! fulfilled in knowing that you used your gifts to Bless others - be it your children- your co-workers- your spouse- your clients/customers- whoever- wherever- you know that what you did that day was Exactly what you were suppose to do- what you were called to do. and whether or not you feel you did your best- or you were running on empty and tried anyway- Pat yourself on the back! we all have better days than others - lousy days we can't take back- but something else we have... is Tomorrow! so live it- enjoy it- and DO what yoU are Designed to do! after all- there is Only one yoU- so No one else can fill your shoes! 

so here's to putting on your best pair tomorrow and Shining in a way that only You can!

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