Friday, May 18, 2012

Mother's Day...a Different Kinda Meltdown!

Blessed to Celebrate another Mother's Day X2!
My Heart Melts...

As any mom knows...there is NO greater love then the love you have for your child/children! It's this crazy "i'm going to eat you up" kinda love - and i never even really got that saying until i laid eyes on Andrew's chubby little cheeks when he was born. It's just craziness! And then add another child to the mix and watch the love between the two of them... a whole other level of crazy!
I don't know how most other moms feel -never asked any really- but i know when Lucas came there has not been a day that's passed where I don't look at him in utter surprise and amazement that I now have two- two Boys! With Andrew I felt deep within my gut for years before I became pregnant that God would one day be blessing us with a son - I had NO DOUBT - but with Lucas - I have to tell ya - God surprised me! He blessed me with an extra gift and I will Never be able to justly thank Him enough =)

My little Light - My Sunshine

This little man is my reminder that God can just keep on giving even when we never feel - or honestly are - deserving. A couple yrs prior to becoming pregnant w/ Lucas we were actually "trying" to add to our lil family - but - like many - nothing happened. It was a long time later - after the "trying" ended and the "let's just see what happens one day" turned into the "well maybe we'll adopt sooner than we thought" that AhHa- We're Pregnant day arrived! and the mind... my my it's definitely as God's Word says - Powerful! I think it's because I began to take on a "mindset" that another baby in the womb just wasn't going to be for me - that from that blessed day of discovery that I was wrong -was day One of the daily "Surprise" i feel each time I look into his Big Blue/Gray Eyes =) 
And honestly until I had my boys I never quite got it - I never truly could grasp Exactly what true & total unconditional love was/is all about!?! I mean YES i love my husband as you all do yours - they drive us crazy at times -but Yes the love remains - but the love of a mom - it's just plain different! I mean my boys -really more Andrew of course b/c he's at the 'boy thinking he's a man' stage of 4yrs-lol- he definitely can drive me nutty and frustrate me at times -but just give me a second - or not even that much if he cracks a smile- & I'm broke - my heart melts- and the frustration passes -there's no feeling of 'i'm not going to talk to you the rest of the day' like you might feel with your spouse - there's just that 'awe come give me a hug and it's all forgotten' kinda thing. Honestly it's great... Honestly it's a reminder that's how I should love All the time - no matter who - after all - that's how God loves me/you - so how could I possibly feel right to love anyone else any different. My boys remind me of that everyday! Every day My Heart Melts when I look at them - and every day they serve to remind me of God's Love for me when I don't feel deserving (after all I'm truly never 'deserving') and reminds me of how I am called to Love others - Unconditionally. 

So thanks Lord - for Blessing my life with 2 Fabulously Wonderful Daily reminders of Your Love! And Thank You for calling me to be their Mom- may I love them as You love them - may I listen to them as You listen to me - may I never fail them enough to leave a scar - & may a day Never pass when they don't know and feel Loved by their mom!

God Bless Each & Every MOM out there....w/ Strength that passes all understanding - Love that daily fills their home & Laughter that carries them through to the other side of any trial thrown their way!

*my-being so house bound the past several wks has def. brought out a more sentimental side of me-lol*
Hope You Enjoyed EVERY Minute of Your Mother's Day!

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