Friday, October 5, 2012

season of CrAZinEsS...

 We look so normal... lol
*pic taken on short OC vaca*

So apparently once again i have slacked Greatly in keeping up w/ the ol' blog & once again i was reminded =p it's nice to know some actually do read these little blurbs about my *our* life & care to remind me they are waiting to hear more. so i chose the pic above b/c i just love my boys & it's the most recent family shot i believe we have - at least one that wasn't taken from my phone.  & it reminds me we do get to squeeze in moments of ToGetHerNess here and there *like celebrating Lucas turning 1 or Drew turing 5 this summer/fall ...even though the pic below describes things a bit clearer

*not my car - or my stuff*

just a fun pic of chaos that reminds me of my *our* life lately - and i chose this shot specifically b/c *i am* i feel like i'm living out of my car lately! we are running the roads a LOT these days - like so many i know but i think many of you must do it more graciously than i b/c i DO NOT ENJOY IT one bit =o
from taking andrew to school - running back and forth to 66Beans - to my parents or mtg spots along the road to drop off lucas or pick him up - or home to run in & out or let luke nap for a bit before heading back out the door - swapping kids with joe while i close the shop - picking andrew up from school - trying to squeeze in a quick trip to the park or library before passing them off to their dad to close up the shop again or take both home alone b/c he's working his part-time job or trying to get to church on time - trying to make it back on Wed. nights b/c we DO LOVE our ECC fam - try to fit in the family needs of grocery shopping - laundry -cleaning or at least ThInKing about the family needs of grocery shopping - laundry & cleaning - and then -WASH - DRY -REPEAT (maybe that's why i got mono in the spring-lol) -oh yeah and TRY to find an hour or two where joe and i can remember we are a couple and we do need to hang out together! lol. yeah - that about brings you up-to-date a bit - in a very brief compressed way.

this SeAsOn though i try and remind myself is JuSt ThAt - a season - and it too shall PASS - either that or I will push and shove *kick & scream* my way through until it does b/c i am eager to get on the other side *w/out a breakdown*- you know -that *grass is always greener* side =p seriously though a needed balance is what i am hard at work on along with the required drastic life changes that are needed to acquire such balance. but i'm a girl who BeLiEvEs and i do know that God is working all things out for His Good which ultimately is My Good as well *again i'm reminding myself of that as i write* & He has Always seen us through & greatly Blessed us w/ loving friends & family who help in more ways then i will ever be able to Thank Them *more ways then i wish were needed at times! *but one day i know we'll be on the GiViNg SiDe*

so here we are - well on our way into fall which no doubt will bring on winter quicker than those *like me who prefer warmer climates* may like but honestly this year - this winter - i'm looking forward - b/c w/ it i BeLiEvE is coming Great Change for our family dynamic - one which will allow me to try and keep this ol' blog more up to date - allow a bit more time for treasured family time -creative expression - designing & raising my boys w/ a more calm spirit b/c i am making the time to Breathe Deeper - soak up Their Youth *b/c time flies and they are growing too fast* and be the wife that my husband needs & deserves - while SlowInG down & EnjoyInG all that God has Blessed me with *instead of just looking back w/ fondness of past fleeting moments* i Will Be Choosing to enjoy a new and blessed season & i hope you all will be as well...


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