Friday, April 8, 2011

Fantastic Unbeatable Finds... at least I think so!

so yesterday... oh how i had anticipated yesterday! every year, twice a year a HUGE kids consignment sale hits our local county fair grounds. when i say HUGE, i do mean Huge! 10s of thousands of items come in and FILL up a couple of the buildings (usually reserved for those vendor and 4-H type/art shows when the fairs open)but they are filled up with EVERYTHING you can think of that a child would need - from clothes to shoes to toys to nursery items to storage items to tricycles and bicycles to furniture, oh how the list goes on! (just take a look at the image below, not capturing even a hint of the whole idea)!
(a small peak at the girls side)

well this year i was DEF looking forward to it, not knowing if i was going to get to shop on the girls side or if sticking to the boys side was going to be where you'd find me again... well we all know that result. let me say though it must have kept things nice and simple- not having to tear through the mass of women and little dresses, lol. but seriously, women pack this place OUT and it gets kinda craZy! that's why i volunteer! the lady who runs this event has it down to a science, seriously! it's awesome and SO organized! and you are able to shop early if you are a volunteer (based on your volunteer hours) and later that night if you are a new/1st time mommy (those are the "i don't care how big my baby bump is, get outta my why kinda mommas)! so again this year I stuck with my usual 3-6pm volunteer schedule allowing me to shop immediately at 6 =) those who volunteered the most began at 4 so the flow steadily began, but with the same determination "i MUST go grab that item i saw brought in the other day"! for me this worked out great - ONLY disappointing thing was that the ONE thing i REALLY wanted to get Andrew was snatched up =( it was a Scoobie Doo bouncing ball (that you sit on and hop around) but scoobie was adorable and like a stuffed animal wrapped around part of the ball - man drew would have FLIPPED OUT! but... i am still proud to say i did walk away with some Awesome finds (see below) and again i'm looking forward to the fall sale already!!! =) 
that= 7prs of shorts, 1pr swimming trunks, 8 shirts, 3 baby outfits (can't forget abt the new lil man), 1pr of Buster Brown sneaks, 1 small black diaper bag, 7pr of baby shoes/booties, 3 bibs, 2 hats, batman & jungle book figurines, toy car, & a melissa&doug wooden race track! all for ONLY $70

now seriously, who does NOT like a deal like that- it's pure Craziness & I was thanking God for all that for Sure! funny how though I really stuck to shopping for drew, guess it doesn't matter though b/c with birthday's a month apart the next little man will be growing into all these great bargains too! oh and did i mention... so things are brand new! 

all these cute lil shoes/booties (most NEW) came wrapped together for ONLY $6 =)

and the Winner of the bargains goes to this! a Melissa & Doug wooden race track ($10) that andrew will LOVE! no it's still not scoobie, but what he doesn't know i missed out on won't hurt him =)

so ladies i urge you... check out your area and see if one of these crazy sales doesn't come close to home- it's SO worth it! and for those who don't like hand-me-down clothes (keep in mind some are Brand New).. or just check out their other great bargains, you really can't go wrong! 

happy savings =)


  1. I was there last night! Fun times! Got Charlotte a TON of stuff for soooo cheap! Loved it!

  2. awe that's great girl! wish I had ran into you there! surprisingly i was out by 7:15 which is RARE for me! are you living close now or did you make a long drive?

  3. Oh my gosh that's AMAZING!! I love Saving money, I mean who doesn't? My sis and I just started a new blog and would LOVE for you to come be our newest {blog} friend and follower!
    come check us out at
    Hope to see you soon!