Tuesday, April 12, 2011

are yoU using your Greatest strength...?

gotta love some popeye!

i have this book called "Jesus Life Coach" by Laurie Beth Jones -it's wonderful! It's a quick read - broken down in much ways like devotional bks are so you can easily sit it down and pick it up at your leisure (much like i've done lately). well yesterday was a day i picked it up and flipped to read in an area titled "Use Your Greatest Strength". hmmm.
she says"the Gallup organization recently surveyed more than 2million workers in 101 companies around the world. one question was this: "Do you get to use your greatest strengths every day at work?" 80%, or 8 out of 10 people said that they do NOT get to use their greatest strengths every day at work. Imagine what we could do organizationally and teamwise if people's highest gifts were identified and unleashed. Essentially we are operating at only 20% capacity. What a waste of time, energy, and talent!" she goes on to say...
"Jesus went from being a carpenter to being a preacher. I often imagine what went through His mind the day he finally lay the hammer down and walked out the door, closing the shop for the very last time." (never thought deep about that myself- that exact moment in His life)
she continues...
"..there burned in Him a driving force that went beyond His trained skill level. His highest gift ultimately led him from the safety of a carpenter's workbench into the desert wilderness, where He had to confront His greatest fears and move on." (i've def. had to face some fears of my own in pursuing a new direction, esp here lately! how about you?)
and on...
"Every temptation that Jesus faced in the wilderness was related to His higher gifts. Could He have turned those stones into bread when He was hungry? Yes. But He didn't. In every case where He was called to use His higher gifts for lesser purpose, Jesus refused. That restraint allowed Him to use His gifts in their highest form." (wow- how often do we settle on using our gifts/talents for small mediocre things? too often i'd vouch for saying myself!)
hmmm... all that just got me thinking. how many people do we know punching a time clock (out of great necessity no doubt) but really settling in life for doing what they were either 'told they should do' or just simply b/c they think that's all they are 'qualified to do', yet go left feeling unfulfilled? i think the answer lies in that 80% poll. well... as for me... i'm hoping and praying that i can become one of the 20%! how about you? are you able to use your Greatest gifts/talents at your 'job'? 
i hope so!

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