Friday, April 15, 2011

naming a Boy... some things come easier than others!

as some already know... 4 years ago while pregnant with our 1st son we had NO problem deciding upon a name. after all we had a name chosen for a boy even Before we were married, so once this precious little one was deemed a BOY it was settled, no further thought necessary...
Andrew James 9-14-2007

isn't he adorable! =) i think too that was one of the Major reasons why i was thinking baby2 was going to be a girl - not only because my 2 men wanted a little girl but b/c we already had the name. boy names were never really even discussed. and the reverse was true while pregnant with Drew -we had the boy name and a girl name was never decided upon. so... now we're still tossing around ideas and honestly i don't like it! =/ i kinda feel bad that this new little growing life inside me remains 'nameless'. and i don't think a name is something you can just settle on.. i think it needs to have some sort of meaning or connection (not nec a name that everyone Else thinks is great or agrees upon) but a name that resides with a reason for you and your spouse. for instance "Andrew" was a name joe and i just both loved (& i loved Drew for short- NOT Andy (just a personal thing)). I like names that i think a baby can Grow with - call me weird but for instance i try to picture them as a baby, bouncing toddler, teenager and grown adult -all with that name. And for me being named Sommer - i've always liked names that could have a shorter -nickname version (b/c i did not-although nicknames were kinda 'created' for me). so w/ Andrew -Drew came naturally. *cute story- the day of our wedding when walking out of the salon w/ all my beautiful bridesmaids a lady stopped me on the street to say congrats w/ a little toddler in toe- when walking away the little boy turned back and yelled "my name's Drew" and i thought, 'yep, we're havin' a Boy one day' =) *that was what i call a little 'God wink'*
and James. his middle name is after my dear Pop Pop who passed away a number of yrs ago now (time flies =/ and oh how i LOVED that man. i always had a special place with him and him with me and wanted to honor that by giving Andrew his name. so again... Andrew James came EASY! baby2... again.. not so much!??
as some know - we arrived home that evening after our sonogram and got out the ol' Baby Name book. i started in A and worked thru to Z =/ i read many out loud (just to kinda hear them said whether i really liked them or not) and again we agreed upon NONE! however... when i got to W and read off Wayne, both Drew and Joe said "John Wayne" yep that'd be great (i was like umm...NO WAY) Andrew continued (he's my little actor much like his dad) "hi my name's Andrew James and this is my baby brother John Wayne" lol (cute right) but again NO! lol. i mean come on, talk about being made fun of (and trust me i know what that's like with the name Sommer) and after all John Wayne is not even John Wayne's real name! 
so.. as you can see we're kinda stuck. we're toying around with 2 different names right now, first and middle, but haven't settled upon either and frankly i'm getting antsy. i know i have until August but like i said.. for me this baby needs a name.. like Yesterday! so... not that i'm really asking the blogging world to "Name that Baby" but i am curious... what are some Boy (to men) names that you adore??  


  1. This is so beautiful, I think that giving life is the most amazing thing in the world.
    Do you want to follow each other?
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    I hope you don't think that I'm rude :)
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  2. thanks for the comment! & of course i'll follow your blog - i love adding to my great blogger list =) thanks too for checking out my page!